Idealist Group
co-founder and creative director

Idealist Group is a production company of ideas, a platform for everything I do. The mission of the company is to improve the world with bold ideas that are executed well.

At the moment Idealist Group concentrates only on one area: the future of education.

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founder and CEO

HundrED helps schools change by seeking and sharing scalable innovations in K12 education. Our goal is to be the world leader in this field by 2020.

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Other activities

Royal Restaurants
member of the board

Royal Restaurants is the largest private restaurant enterprise in Finland. Operations include over 30 high class restaurants in Helsinki area. All the brands are independent. The group employs over 600 people.

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Pietarinkadun Oilers
right wing, active member

Pietarinkadun Oilers is the leading charity ice hockey team in Finland. It has raised over 2 million euros for charity, mostly for children’s hospitals and to help children with cancer.

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minority shareholder

Singa is world’s largest collection of high quality karaoke tracks on mobile, browser or smart TV. The vision is to bring the wildly popular karaoke industry out from the 90s and into the streaming era. Singa is the Spotify for karaoke.

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minority shareholder

Intervisio is an Emmy –awarded independent tv-production company based in Helsinki.

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I give keynote speeches in Finland and abroad. Among the topics I love to talk about are:
  • creativity and innovation (the basics, how to improve and manage it)
  • change (how to make it happen, how to manage people in it)
  • execution (how to make things happen, dreaming and doing)
  • positive feedback (how to and how not to)
  • uncertainty (and how to cope with uncertainty)
  • growth mindset (how to create one)
  • lifelong learning (how to foster it)
  • design thinking (from first insights to prototyping)
  • self management (how to prioritize, manage time and e-mails)
  • the future of work (how to increase meaning, achievement and a sense of control)
  • digitalization and the future of media
  • Italian cuisine


I have written 10 books.

Kuinka Idea Syntyvät (How Ideas Are Born)
with Jussi T. Koski

The ABC of creativity both in invidual & company level.

Aglio & Olio
with Tuukka Koski and Kimmo Kivilahti

The encyclopedia of dried pasta with over 200 recipies.

Ravistettava, Omskakas (Shaken & Stirred)
with Katja Lindroos

How your brain gets stuck on certain ways of thinking and what to do about it.

Matkanopas (Travelguide for companies)
with Risto Kuulasmaa

Guidebook for companies that want to go international.

with Tuukka Koski and Kimmo Kivilahti

Everything you need to  know about Italian cuisine with over 200 recipies.

Työkirja (The Workbook)
with Pekka Pohjakallio

The Fall and Rise of Office Work. The English version is available on Amazon.

A Good Life

A 100 page guidebook for having a good life.

Luova järkevyys (Creative Cleverness)

A book against ”creative madness”, an ode to everyday creativity.


An extensive book about all kinds of pizza, shot fully in Naples.

Uskonko (I believe, don’t I?)
with Annamari Heikkilä

Book about our belief systems – how they are born and what kind of role do they play in our lives.


Saku Tuominen founded Broadcasters, one of the most succesful Finnish independent tv production companies with Juha Tynkkynen in 1989. They sold the company twice, both times to Sweden but to different buyers, first to MTG and then to Zodiak Entertainment.

In 2009-2010 Saku Tuominen was the Chief Creative Officer of Zodiak Entertainment, the world’s 3rd largest tv production company in London.

During his 20 years in television he has produced thousands of hours of programmes and created almost 100 tv formats.

In 2009 Saku Tuominen founded Idealist Group, a production company of ideas. The mission of the company is to improve the world with bold ideas that are executed well. At the moment he concentrates only on improving K12 education globally through his education company HundrED.

He has been teaching creativity and innovation in more than a hundred companies around the world, and in Aalto University in Helsinki. He has also written 10 books; about innovation, the future of office work, good life, human belief systems, everyday creativity, and Italian cuisine.

At the moment he is also a board member of Royal Restaurants, the leading independent restaurant group in Finland.

As a hobby he has written music criticism for over 20 years, he produces olive oil from Piantone olives in Le Marche, Italy and has won silver medal in old timers world championship in Ice Hockey in 2009 in Quebec City, Canada.

He shares his time between Helsinki, Finland and Paterno, Italy, with Sara (an author), Siiri, (a daughter) and Hilma (a golden retriever).


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The best way to reach me is via e-mail.